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At Great BIM we have you covered! We have over twenty years of hands on BIM experience with hundreds of projects in many areas of the country.

We know what great BIM is and you deserve nothing less! Let us help your company today with our systematic approach to BIM success. Check out our services below!


Our Services

Great BIM provides a full range of the BIM/VDC services tailored to your specific needs.

BIM Execution Planning

Providing a thorough roadmap, directing the project team

BIM Coordination

Preempting construction challenges before the building phase

Presentation Modeling

Paving the way for to exceed and captivate property owners

3D Model Creation

Modeling offers teams the chance to craft a digital mock-up

4D Scheduling

Scheduling of the construction timeline into the 3D model

5D Model-Based Estimating

Providing estimators a real-time view of financial impacts

Drone Flights

Offering a bird's-eye view perspective

Laser Scanning

Ability to capture detailed measurements of a specified area

Facility Management

Overseeing the data related to a building, equipping Facility Managers