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At Great BIM we have you covered! We have over twenty years of hands on BIM experience with hundreds of projects in many areas of the country.

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Our Services

Great BIM provide a full range of the BIM/VDC services tailored to your specific needs.
BIM Execution Planning

Providing a thorough roadmap, directing the project team

BIM Coordination

Preempting construction challenges before the building phase

Presentation Modeling

Paving the way for to exceed and captivate property owners

3D Model Creation

Modeling offers teams the chance to craft a digital mock-up

4D Scheduling

Scheduling of the construction timeline into the 3D model

5D Model-Based Estimating

Providing estimators a real-time view of financial impacts

Drone Flights

Offering a bird's-eye view perspective

Laser Scanning

Ability to capture detailed measurements of a specified area

Facility Management

Overseeing the data related to a building, equipping Facility Managers

Our Client


Project Senior Superintendent

I’ve worked with Great BIM on several complex healthcare projects over the years and they have always done an outstanding job with coordination and integrating all aspects of construction technology into our project. They are extremely proactive, responsive, excellent trainers, and have always supported our teams in the field with anything they need.

MEP Project Manager and Detailing Department Manager

I worked with Great BIM during the overhead coordination phase of a large healthcare facility. The aggressive construction schedule of this project presented challenges for the BIM team to efficiently coordinate the building's overhead systems. Facing a tight schedule, multiple design changes, and limited overhead ceiling space, They were able to efficiently execute a successful BIM plan. Their leadership and construction savvy were instrumental in the overall success of BIM on this project . I have enjoyed working with Great BIM and I look forward to working with them again on future projects.

GC Senior Project Manager

Great BIM used BIM on my project for the coordination and modeling of all the MEP systems and prefabricated bathroom pod and headwall units. Because of BIM coordination and sequencing we were able to save time by installing the MEP well before the prefab units arrived on site. BIM ensured that the systems would work exactly with the prefab units and planned installation phasing. BIM was also used during the prefab unit manufacturing process to ensure the highest quality. Great BIM did a great job implementing BIM and lean practices on our job. They are great to work with and I look forward to working with them on my next job.

GC Precon Department VP

I have had the opportunity to work closely with Great BIM on a number of projects in preconstruction. They were able to majorly advance my understanding and application of BIM in precon, as well as in our construction processes. They are a wizard when it comes to this stuff. Their involvement not only made our estimates more accurate, but they helped save money by catching many conflicts before they became costly. I would highly recommend them for any project team.

Project Owner's Representative

Great BIM has a high level of expertise in the area of Building Information Modeling. They are leaders in this field and have placed themself at the forefront of BIM development and cutting edge implementation. If you want to leverage the latest BIM capabilities for your upcoming project, Great BIM would be a great asset to your team.

Project Structural Engineer

I have worked together with Great BIM on several BIM related projects. They are detail oriented and understand the benefits and limitations of BIM, but they are also always looking for new ways to gather and utilize information to make a project successful. Great BIM is always a team player and works for the benefit of the team.

Architect and Owner's Representative

Great BIM has been an impressive manager for the BIM effort on our project. Over the past year and a half they have managed a complete range of BIM services for us. They have taken the time to educate the members of our department about BIM and the processes implemented on our project. Great BIM employees have always been very personable, easy to work with, and highly respected by other team members. Great BIM's professionalism, self-motivation, and drive will be a great asset to any project.