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Our Story

The construction industry is not naturally an industry of heavy technology users, yet technology is revolutionizing everything we do.

Great BIM is here to bridge the gap between technology and construction. We are here to make the complex accessible and the misunderstood clear. We want to spearhead the industry’s journey into a tech-driven future.

Our job is to make your project easier and the hours you spend trying to solve a problem shorter. If we are not accomplishing that, we are not doing our job.

For over 20 years, we have been working with general contractors and trade partners using building information modeling. We want to share the knowledge and expertise we gained over those years with your project.

We started our journey when BIM was not popular in the construction industry, and we were very early supporters and promoters of the benefits of BIM. As daily users and leaders in the industry, we have seen this technology grow and evolve every step of the way.

Let us make your project a BIM success!
Whenever we give our opinion about the best experience we have had we often use the term “Great”. To truly be great you must have two things.

1. Someone has to facilitate this great experience. This is done through trial and error by the facilitator to determine what great actually is for that particular experience.

2. There has to be a measurable comparison to what is not “great” in relation to the experience. The facilitator must have experienced bad or average.

At Great BIM we have you covered! We have over twenty years of hands on BIM experience with hundreds of projects in many areas of the country. We know what great BIM is and you deserve nothing less! Let us help your company today with our systematic approach to BIM success. Check out our services below!